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Let's Get Local With Melissa Farrell

Focusing on local life on Long Island, this podcast series hosted by Melissa Farrell of Going Local, features guests ranging from local influencers to business owners to celebrities who live here and share their experiences and recommendations on actively experiencing and participating in everything great about Long Island.

Long Island Business Minds

The Long Island Business Minds Podcast is designed to help local business owners, professionals, and entrepreneurs get ahead in their business or career. Each episode will be dedicated to a particular topic and will feature a special guest who will share their experience, expertise and advice with us.

Behind The Menu (Coming Soon)

Designed for local restaurants to bring viewers “behind the menu” and into local eateries on Long Island, each episode is shot on location and include conversations with the owners and chefs sharing the story behind the business and their offerings.

The Long Island Home (Coming Soon)

Exploring all things home, we talk with professionals involved in the whole process, from finding a home, maintaining one, and making sure you're getting the best value from your lifelong investment.

Latest Episodes

On this episode of Long Island Business Minds, we talk with the owners of Get Things Printed, Rachel and Aram Tessier, to discuss MERCH! What is merch? Why is merch important? What type of merch should I get? Where do I get merch? They answer all of this and more…

On this episode of Long Island Business Minds, we discuss the topic of “When and How to Grow Your Business” with the CEO of Boomzeal Enterprises, Phil DePaul! Phil has a great story of how he grew his business and shares his experience, expertise and advice with us! Make sure…

“On this episode of “Lets Get Local,” we step inside the mind of Dr Luiza Raab Pontecorvo. She is an international performing musician, the owner of Atomic Tae Kwon Do (2 black belts) AND an Empowerment Coach! Dr. Luiza shares tips on attaining goals, putting yourself first, feeling empowered and so much more in this episode so don’t miss it!

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