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Going Local Media was born from combining two very different businesses: Identity Digital which was a production company owned by Evie Knell and Going Local Tours & Experiences which focused on creating tours and experiences to help spread awareness of local businesses, owned by Melissa Farrell.


Evie and Melissa first met working on a project together for the Huntington Chamber of Commerce in May of 2022 and then collaborated again in October of that year to create a 3 day live streamed show from the Long Island Fall Festival. During those events, a friendship was formed and a new business idea blossomed. Evie is an award winning, Emmy nominated producer and Melissa wanted to find new ways to help spread awareness of local businesses and they soon realized that together, they could do way more than on their own. They combined their two businesses to form Going Local Media: a premium podcast and media production company who specializes in amplifying the message (or spreading awareness) of you and your business.